About Me

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol

I’d be unstoppable if only I could get started

I’m a wanderer rather than a traveller. I’ve never climbed Everest, dived the Great Barrier Reef or trekked across the Gobi Desert. Neither have I been bungee jumping, parachuting or even snowboarding.

Nope! I just like to visit somewhere and take everything in at leisure. I prefer to ‘feel’ a place rather than just ‘see’ it, which is what Easymalc’s Wanderings is really all about.

I live in Paignton, one of three towns that make up the urban area of Torbay in South Devon, which for those who are unfamiliar, is in the south-west of England between Somerset and Cornwall.

I was born in Bristol and have lived in the West Country all my life, and count myself lucky to have been able to do so.

I also count myself lucky to be married to my long suffering wife with whom we share a wonderful daughter. Whether they feel as lucky as I do, I’m not so sure.
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