Autumn Colours at Westonbirt

Autumn Colours at Westonbirt

Today’s blog is a pictorial one, because sometimes a picture does paint a thousand words, and the National Arboretum at Westonbirt has 15,000 specimen trees to choose from.

Covering 600 acres, the arboretum lies about 3 miles south-west of Tetbury and is located next to Prince Charles and his Highgrove House Estate.

There are 17 miles of footpaths covering two distinct areas; there is the Old Arboretum, which is an area formally planted to create vistas and avenues of trees – and Silk Wood, which is less formal and has a more natural woodland feel to it.

The planting began in the mid-19th century as part of the Westonbirt House Estate (the house became a girls’ boarding school in 1927) and is now managed by Forestry England.

From Mid-October to Mid-November people flock to Acer Glade to witness the fantastic spectacle of the Japanese Maples changing colour. The exact time to see them at their best changes slightly each year depending on weather conditions before and during the season.


Please sit back and enjoy the pictures below. I hope you enjoy them, and thanks for taking the trouble to look

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6 thoughts on “Autumn Colours at Westonbirt

  1. Anne Marie

    Thanks for the introduction Malc! Never heard of it before but now it’s definitely on the ‘to do’ list.

    1. Malc Post author

      Thanks for taking a look Anne Marie. It may be a bit out of the way, but there are plenty of places to visit in the Cotswolds if you haven’t already been there. Best if you’ve got your own transport though

    1. Malc Post author

      LOL. I’m sure you would too, as long as you don’t mind sharing it all with England’s upper middle class! 🙂


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