City and Borough of Westminster

Piccadilly Circus

City and Borough of Westminster


London has 31 Boroughs, 1 City (The City of London), and Westminster, which is both a Borough and a City.

Whereas the City of London became the legal and financial powerhouse of London, Westminster became the religious, royal and political centre.

This is the home of Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the Houses of Parliament, but it’s also the place to come for entertainment, shopping and culture in places like Piccadilly Circus, Oxford St and Trafalgar Square. I guarantee that you’ll run out of time – or steam – or both, before you’ve even scratched the surface.

Westminster really came of being when Edward the Confessor started work on the Abbey in the 11th century, and was quite separate from the City of London. It wasn’t until the 16th century that the two cities became closer connected, geographically at least, but unlike the City of London it covers a wider area and has a resident population approaching a quarter of a million people.

You can take a River Trip from Westminster Pier, visit an art gallery, theatre, or even witness Royal pageantry. You can also see Churchill’s Cabinet War Rooms in Whitehall, or if you prefer, just a few yards away, you can wander through the lovely St James’s Park and feed the birds and squirrels.

If that doesn’t suit you then perhaps a walk around Covent Garden or Chinatown might. Need I go on? I don’t suppose I do.

The City of London may be where London was born, but Westminster, from a tourist’s point of view at least, has everything you could ask for and more. That does mean of course that you’ll be sharing it with thousands of others as well

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