Truro’s City of Lights


Truro's City of Lights


November can be one of the most miserable months of the year but around the third week into the month Truro’s ‘City of Lights’ festival lifts the gloom with a parade of glowing lanterns made out of tissue and withies.

Usually coinciding with the switch-on of the Christmas lights this small city comes alive with dance and music from local groups and bands. It’s a real community spirit with many schools taking part, not just from Truro but also from many villages around. Hundreds of school kids bring their lanterns and join up with the professionals who make some much larger creations.

This procession is not a competition to see who can build the biggest and best lanterns – just a simple and effective way for people of all ages to take part in the build up to the festive season – and leave the gloom behind. Wonderful!


2 thoughts on “Truro’s City of Lights

  1. Don Porsché

    This looks much more elaborate than the lantern processions in Germany, which traditionally happen on or about November 11 and are usually limited to quite small children around the age of 5.

    1. Malcolm Post author

      It’s not a huge affair Don. The big Autumn carnivals are in Somerset which are really worth going to see.


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