Coleton Aglow

Coleton Aglow


Christmas 2015 saw Coleton Fishacre venture into the festive spirit for the first time and throw open its doors to show people how the D’Oyly Carte family would have enjoyed their Christmas in the 1920s and 30s.

In today’s modern age it all seems a bit low key which of course was how it was meant to be. To brighten things up a bit the gardens are illuminated, but don’t expect to see an extravagant sound and light show. Apart from anything else it wouldn’t be appropriate anyway.

The walk around the garden will probably take around 45 minutes or so, but that doesn’t include a mulled wine stop at the gazebo.

The Saloon

The ambience inside the house is no less atmospheric in a 1920s sort of way. In fact it seemed a refreshing change from the commercialised Christmas we’re used to these days.
The family were undoubtedly well off, but there’s no ostentation on display here.

I came to see Coleton Aglow in 2015, and I don’t think anything has changed much, but it’s always best to check out their website for the latest information – and it’s definitely best to book in advance if you possibly can.

The Library
The Library
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