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Royal Windsor

Royal Windsor

Having recently done a post about Alnwick – the Windsor of the North I thought it might be a good time to do a post about Windsor itself.

The town, as you would expect, is dominated by its famous castle, and although it’s the main reason visitors come here, I want to add a bit more information about the town, and perhaps throw in a few snippets of useless information as well.

The first bit of information about the town – and also the first bit of useless information – is the fact that it is part of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead. Even though it’s located just 23 miles or so from Charing Cross, Windsor is not in Greater London, but in the County of Berkshire.

The ‘Royal’ prefix is added to towns and boroughs that have, for various reasons, been granted royal status by one of the country’s monarchs, and there are a total of eight places in the UK that have this distinction – four towns and four boroughs. The towns are Leamington Spa, Tunbridge Wells and Wootton Bassett in England, and Caernarfon in Wales. Of the boroughs, three are in London – Kensington and Chelsea, Greenwich and Kingston-upon-Thames. The fourth is Windsor and Maidenhead.

I’m afraid my expertise in useless knowledge doesn’t extend as far as knowing why somewhere like Kingston is Upon Thames, and Windsor isn’t, but I can assure you that Windsor does lie alongside the River Thames.

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