The Eden Project Pt 4 – The Outdoor Biome

The Eden Project Pt 4 - The Outdoor Biome

The Outdoor Biome has everything from plants that make beer, dyes, medicines, food and fuel, to sculptures and things to amuse the kids. Covering over 20 acres, it’s not about what there is to see, but more about what you’re going to have to leave out.

As with the other two biomes, the outdoor gardens are not about how pretty they can look, but more about how plants are used to create things and make our world the place it is.

Consequently, the time you spend here will depend on how interested you are in all the different ways plants are used. As a guideline, Eden suggests that you’ll probably need a couple of hours here, but it’s probably likely that it’ll depend more on your own personal timetable and what interests you the most.

It’s pointless trying to explain everything that the Outdoor Biome covers because there is so much. It’s one of those places that the more you look, the more you see. I’ve been here several times and at different times of the year and I still find it difficult to take everything in. It might not appear like that at first glance, but believe me, there’s been a lot of thought that’s gone into this place – and it’s ongoing – funds permitting.

The Garden of Senses
Meet the Locals
Meet the Locals

The Outdoor Biome was created with a view to showing how plants are used in different situations in our everyday lives

The Pollination Garden is a good example of the Outdoor Biome in action

Sculpture in the Pollination Garden
Sculpture in the Pollination Garden
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4 thoughts on “The Eden Project Pt 4 – The Outdoor Biome

  1. Malcolm Post author

    The transformation from what it was like to what it has become is quite startling, and all the vision of one man

    1. Malcolm Post author

      The more time that you can spend wandering around here, the more it will repay the inquisitive mind


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