As the number of years behind me increase, and the ones in front of me diminish, I thought that I would attempt to create a website that would help me remember some of the places I’ve seen during my lifetime.

Some of these places are in Europe, many are in the UK, but most are in England’s West Country – where I have lived all my life. How far I will get writing about these places I have no idea: Some are beautiful and some are anything but, but they will all have one thing in common – they’ve all been interesting to me for one reason or another.

People make places of course, but I want these pages to be of interest to others too, and for that reason I’ve deliberately concentrated on the places I’ve seen rather than the people I’ve met. I think John Lennon sums it up best.

There are places I’ll remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever, not for better
Some have gone, and some remain
All these places had their moments
With lovers and friends, I still can recall
Some are dead, and some are living
In my life, I’ve loved them all

© Lennon/McCartney

I hope you’ll join me on a virtual tour of some of these places, and if you do, please let me know what you think by adding your own comments. I’m somebody who enjoys social interaction and I’d love to hear from you. Click here


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