Clifton Suspension Bridge, Bristol



As the number of years that are behind me increase, and the ones in front of me diminish, I’ve decided to try and put together some of my thoughts about some of the places I’ve seen.

Some of these places are in Europe, many are in the UK, but most are in England’s West Country, where I’ve lived all my life.

How far I will get writing about these places I have no idea, but a health scare in 2018 has made me sit up and start focusing more about where I’ve been rather than where I’m going to next.

I hope you’ll join me on a virtual tour of these places: Some will be beautiful, some will be anything but, but they all have one thing in common – they’ve all been interesting to me for one reason or another – I hope you think so too. Please let me know what you think before the grim reaper comes knocking.

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