The Forth Bridge, Scotland
The Forth Bridge, Scotland

The United Kingdom

I don’t suppose the UK needs any introduction, but it’s worth knowing that the United Kingdom of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, to give it its full name, is not the same as Great Britain which doesn’t include Northern Ireland. The British Isles on the other hand include Northern Ireland, the Republic of Ireland, and Crown dependencies such as the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man. If you weren’t confused before, you probably are now.

The total population is somewhere around the 65 million mark, the majority living in England (approx 55m), with Scotland next (5m), then Wales (3m) and finally N.Ireland (2m).

It won’t come as any surprise to learn that London is the capital of the UK. It’s also the capital of England, with Edinburgh the capital of Scotland, Cardiff of Wales and Belfast of N. Ireland.

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