Northern Scotland


Northern Scotland

If you draw an imaginary line from Inverness more or less straight across towards the west coast, then everything north of that is my interpretation of Northern Scotland.

In my own mind I see this part of the country split between the mountainous west coast and the flatter east, but no matter which side you’re on, this is Scotland at its remotest.

Being so far north means that the towns and villages are few and far between, and as a word of warning if you’re driving, fill up with petrol when you see a filling station, no matter how exorbitant you think the cost is.

I’m sure everyone has their favourite part of Scotland, but if I was pushed I think I would have to say mine is the far North-West – the scenery is not just breathtaking, but also beguiling in an indescribable sort of way.

Moving eastwards, the scenery changes into a more desolate landscape, which has a certain beauty of its own, which might not inspire everyone, but it will do if you’re a fisherman, especially around the ‘Flow Country’.

The whole area can be circumnavigated by road, which someone has decided to call the North Coast 500. It’s a fantastic drive and a great tourism marketing ploy but should really be done at a leisurely pace to fully enjoy it.

If you want to get away from the madding crowd and witness a part of the UK that’s not only unspoilt, but also has a character all of its own, then I guarantee that you’ll fall in love with the North of Scotland – just don’t tell everybody.