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Bits & Pieces are a random set of pages that aren’t travel related, but how I see the world in other ways.

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Remembering 9/11

20th Anniversary of 9/11 Little did I know that when I took this picture from the North Tower of the World Trade Center, I would be remembering it for all the wrong reasons. It was one of those ‘I remember where I was’ moments when those horrific scenes unfolded on that fateful day twenty years […]

Time to Reflect

Eve of Destruction

A worldwide pandemic that should bring the world together seems to have divided the world more than ever. Some people don’t even believe there’s a pandemic and it’s all a big hoax. While we’re supposed to be trying to contain the virus, everywhere seems to be in turmoil – from racial tensions and political struggles […]

Picture of the Day – Imagine

As the clouds break and a silver lining starts to appear, Imagine if you can, not just what we’re going to gain, but also what we’re going to lose.


Covid 19 – A picture to lift the spirits during lockdown   Lockdown must be driving everybody mad, so here’s a picture I took locally that might help lift people’s spirits. There will be another sunrise and a brighter dawn tomorrow if we stay safe now.

The Front Line

This war can be won without bullets or bombs   No fields of mud or barbed fences to cross   The Front Line is our doorstep Without trenches to dig   Just some music to choose And a beer from the fridge

Coronavirus Spring

No Noise, Peace at last Sunny Spring Sunday   No cars, no boats, no planes And no people   Not sure I like peace like this Bring back the noise.