Any short introduction to France is bound to be insufficient in describing what the country has to offer.

From the maritime attractions of the English Channel, Atlantic and Mediterranean coasts, to the high peaks of the French Alps and a varied landscape in between, France has an extraordinary amount of diverse scenery that is hard to match.

That’s not all of course: This country of almost 65 million people (excluding its overseas territories) has a long and fascinating history, rich culture, and wonderful cuisine, and as much as it has become an ethnically diverse country, France still retains a strong sense of tradition and national pride.

Large cities like Paris, Marseille and Lyon have an embarrassment of riches to lure people, but the smaller towns and villages scattered around the country are still the quintessential image of France.

The wooded valleys and medieval castles of the Dordogne, the vineyards of Burgundy and the chateaux of the Loire Valley have as much appeal for lovers of the countryside as the slopes of Courchevel, the shops of the Champs Elysees and the casinos of Monte Carlo have for the super-rich.

Then there are the cathedrals of Normandy, the fishing harbours of Brittany and the Lavender fields of Provence – the list goes on and on – and with 89.4 million foreign visitors in 2018, it’s no wonder that France has become the most visited country in the world.