Cotehele Mill

Cotehele Mill

Cotehele Mill


A pleasant 10-15 minute walk from the quay alongside Morden stream leads to Cotehele Mill. As part of the Cotehele Estate run by the National Trust (NT), you’ll need a ticket to see the mill in action.

If your legs aren’t up to it, there’s a small shuttle bus that runs between the mill, the quay and the house. It’s a useful service, for which a small donation is respectfully asked for.

This working mill is in a picturesque setting and a worthwhile detour from the house and quay.
An overshot water wheel is fed by a leat which is controlled by a man made weir and sluice gate. This leat also feeds a modern hydroelectric turbine.

The Water Wheel
Producing the flour

The mill is part tourist attraction and part business. The NT has restored the bakery that used to be here at the turn of the nineteenth/twentieth century and uses the mill’s own flour, although not exclusively so.

Like many people, I find watching mills like this in action fascinating, and still marvel at how people all those years ago worked out how controlling water and crushing grain through a series of cogs and wheels could make bread.

The mill is not open during the winter months and for all the relevant info it’s worth taking a look at their website.

Shuttle Bus at the Discovery Centre
Shuttle Bus at the Discovery Centre

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    1. Malcolm Post author

      We have our fair share of water that comes out of the sky in this part of the world, so they shouldn’t have run out of the main raw ingredient


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