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Eve of Destruction

Eve of Destruction

A worldwide pandemic that should bring the world together seems to have divided the world more than ever. Some people don’t even believe there’s a pandemic and it’s all a big hoax.

While we’re supposed to be trying to contain the virus, everywhere seems to be in turmoil – from racial tensions and political struggles to worries about how the planet is going to survive.

It’s only going to survive if we stop putting our own agenda first, start concentrating on the bigger picture, and join together to create a better world for everybody.

The picture above was taken in a nuclear bunker in Berlin several years ago, and this is how people could be living in the future if we don’t get our act together.

The song Eve of Destruction was released by Barry McGuire in 1965.  Nothing’s changed has it – or maybe it has – perhaps we’re getting even closer.

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Picture of the Day – Man of the World

Picture of the Day - Man of the World

I have to admit that I can’t claim to have taken this photograph, because that’s me in my Dad’s arms, but as I trawl through, I don’t know how many pictures during this lockdown, I felt that this one should be my picture of the day.

To me, my dad was a hero in more ways than one. Apart from being a great dad, he also fought during World War II in both Europe and the Far East – and when the war was over, he was deployed in Palestine during the difficult period of creating a Jewish homeland there.

It must have been difficult for people like him who would never have hurt anyone by choice, and he never ever spoke about any of it.

The music I’ve chosen to go with the picture today is ‘Man of the World’ by Fleetwood Mac. I love this song and thought it appropriate to link it to this picture of me and my Dad – a true Man of the World.

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The Front Line

The Front Line

This war can be won

without bullets or bombs


No fields of mud or

barbed fences to cross


The Front Line is our doorstep

Without trenches to dig


Just some music to choose

And a beer from the fridge


Just stay in, chill out

and stay safe everyone

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Bill Withers 4th July 1938 – 30th March 2020

Bill Withers - 4th July 1938-30th March 2020

Last Monday saw the passing away of Bill Withers.

Born in West Virginia in 1938, he was the youngest of six children. His musical career lasted between 1970 and 1985 and it’s hard to believe that this master singer/songwriter of smooth soul music hasn’t written anything since.

I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate a picture of darkening skies over Dartmoor to Bill who gave me ‘Lovely Days’ as the sunshine from his life disappears.

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